GoldenEar to Demo In-Ceiling Invisible Atmos System at CEDIA

Demo Will Feature Invisa HTR 7000s Loudspeakers and SuperSub XXL
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GoldenEar will show a full, in-ceiling Atmos system, featuring its in-ceiling Invisa HTR 7000s loudspeakers and the new SuperSub XXL Dual-Plane Inertially Balanced 1,600-watt subwoofer and Invisa MPX in-walls at the 2015 CEDIA EXPO in Soundroom 13.

GoldenEar's in-ceiling Invisa HTR 7000s will serve as the main front left, right, and center speakers. The Invisa HTR 7000s have unique geometry and technology that makes them ideal as a front soundstage that appears to come from in front rather than from above when they are configured as front main speakers, and they have proven to be successful in the market in that application, according to the company. 

The SuperSub XXL, which is now shipping, is a reference-quality subwoofer that delivers impactful and detailed bass performance in a compact package. It combines a 1,600-watt digital amplifier and 56-bit DSP control package, with the company's newly developed, patent-pending Dual-Plane Inertially Balanced technology.