Grace Digital Launches Voice-Enhanced TV Speaker

Loudspeaker Features Low Latency, aptX Bluetooth Technology Connectivity
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Grace Digital engineered its new Bluetooth TV speaker, model GDI-BTTV100, to optimize TV audio and dialogue.

The GDI-BTTV100 uses aptx LL (low latency), which provides a clear, digital wireless signal instantly across a room. The Grace TV speaker system does not require direct line of sight to the transmitter, allowing users to place the transmitter and speaker in the most convenient locations.

“We’ve been closely analyzing this market and huddling internally to create a solution that bypasses the traditional infrared or standard Bluetooth mechanism to provide our customers with impaired hearing the ability to hear TV dialogue clearly,” said Greg Fadul, CEO at Grace Digital. “Our wireless TV speaker incorporates advanced voice enhancement circuitry with digital wireless clarity, allowing your entire family to enjoy the TV experience.”

Like other models in the Grace Digital lineup, the Bluetooth TV speaker is designed to blend in with modern home décor, and has an easy-to-access volume knob and an optional audio input jack to connect to a music player or smart phone.