Grimani Systems Launches CinemaThree Ensemble

Optimized for High-Performance Home Theaters
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Grimani Systems has launched the new CinemaThree speaker ensemble, optimized for high-performance home cinemas up to 400 square feet, with the same audio quality found in the company’s larger systems.

The loudspeakers are active, with built-in digital signal processing for crossover and room correction. Hookup is as simple as powering up the speakers and connecting line level audio from a surround controller. 

The CinemaThree system includes three Delta loudspeakers for LCR positions, four Delta speakers for side and back positions, and four Zeta subwoofers. The system can be upgraded for Dolby Atmos immersive audio by adding two Delta speakers for the wide positions, plus four Omicron ceiling speakers.

With what the company calls “time-tested componentry, meticulous construction processes, and significant headroom,” Grimani Systems’ devices are designed to work reliably. The amplifiers and driver units all meet very high efficiency and high power specifications. Even at very high sound pressure levels, each system has ample reserve and headroom.