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HDanywhere’s mHub 4K Coming to U.S. Soon

HDanywhere has revealed its mHub 4K, a new 4K-capable HDBaseT-Lite model of their mHub 4x4 matrix packed with premium features, including webOS, CEC control of matrix and displays, fast switching, HDBaseT cable diagnostics, and PoH receivers.

HDanywhere has revealed its mHub 4K, a new 4K-capable HDBaseT-Lite model of their mHub 4×4 matrix packed with premium features, including webOS, CEC control of matrix and displays, fast switching, HDBaseT cable diagnostics, and PoH receivers.

The mHub 4K delivers 4K ULTRA HD video up to 40m/131 ft and 1080p to up to 70m/230 ft from four source devices to four displays. An additional two mirrored displays or an AVR can be supported via the two extra HDMI outputs on the chassis. The matrix supports two-way IR and has a global IR port for control of integrated AVRs. The mHub 4K is HDanywhere’s most versatile matrix to date in terms of control options with RS232 and an IR control port for third party integration, as well as CEC and IP control.

True to the brand’s “no black boxes” philosophy, mHub 4K’s matrix design features an attractive backlit white polycarbonate front panel with minimal blue detail. The HDBaseT-Lite receivers are formed from ultra-lightweight polycarbonate. Power is supplied to display receivers over the Cat cable (PoH), allowing integrators to achieve a neat finish.

HDanywhere’s signature blue Modular matrix won the CEDIA Award for Most Innovative Product, and many of its popular features have been incorporated into the more affordable mHub 4K. For example, mHub 4K installers will be able to manage and administer the matrix via web-browser, a feature hitherto reserved for their premium line of Modular matrices. Similar to Modular (but without the price tag), each and every mHub 4K will be built in the UK. For a comparatively low cost installers can be equally assured of build quality and system dependability.

With mHub 4K, you can also obtain indicators of cable installation quality via real-time link performance feedback readings. You can get an electrical measurement of cable distance, which can be useful in assessing the Cat cabling infrastructure from a HDBaseT transmission perspective. Additionally, HDanywhere’s Command Centre lets you monitor the system health of an mHub 4K matrix from anywhere in the world, reducing the need for call-outs. Control drivers are available for AMX, Control 4, Crestron, Savant, RTI, URC, PRO control, and Fibaro.

The mHub 4K is sold as a complete package (1x matrix with PSU, 4 x PoH receivers, 4x IR TX and 4 x IR RX). mHub 4K will soon be exclusively available in the US from WAVE Electronics.