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Hegel Enters CI Channel with High-End Amplifiers

Norwegian audiophile brand Hegel Music Systems pushes into CEDIA Channel with modular high-current class-AB mono-block amplifiers.

Norwegian audio brand Hegel Music Systems, maker of integrated amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, digital-to-analog converters, and CD players, has announced the launch of its first amplifiers aimed at the home theater and distributed audio markets. Called the C5 Series, three models are available, the C53, C54 and C55, which are configured as 3-, 4-, and 5-channel amplifiers, respectively. With MSRP starting at $6000 and up depending on configuration, the amplifiers ship to dealers beginning November 2018.

The C5 Series amplifiers are Class AB mono-block analog models rated at 150 watts per channel. The amplifiers maintain a peak reserve capability that virtually doubles down to 2 ohms, closing in at 600 watts per channel.

Incorporated in the C5 Series is Hegel’s patented “SoundEngine2” low-distortion technology. Used in the company’s audiophile amplifiers, SoundEngine2 cancels out all distortion elements created within the amplifier’s circuits. It achieves this by playing them back in a negative phase, almost like a noise-cancelling headphone, rendering a unique purity and musicality.

According to the company, SoundEngine2 has multiple benefits. It combines the power efficiency of Class AB amplifiers with the sonic accuracy of Class A amplifiers, yet without the drawbacks inherent to either. SoundEngine2 also delivers high-performance and very low bias for cool operation, allowing for installation in a 19-inch custom AV gear rack without requiring active cooling. Another benefit is the high-damping factor (2000).

The C5 offers the installer the ability to switch phase individually for each channel as well as select different gain settings for each channel. For integration into a wide variety of systems, the amplifiers are equipped with both RCA line and balanced XLR inputs. In keeping with the custom residential channel, also incorporated are input and output control (triggers). This allows for daisy chaining and makes possible placement of the amplifiers in a separate room for remote on and off switching.

Measuring 3u tall, the C5 amplifiers are equipped with large rack-mount ears integrated into the amp chassis, allowing them to fit in any rack. For added flexibility, also supplied are detachable/adjustable rear mount ears, as well as feet for use when placed atop a shelf or in a cabinet.

For sales and rep inquiries, contact Hegel Music America national sales manager Brad Paulsen at 805-260-6561 or e-mail [email protected].

For more information, visit In North America e-mail [email protected] or call 413.224.2480.