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HiFiMAN Updates Flagship HE1000, Edition X Headphones

HiFiMAN has updated its two top planar magnetic headphones.

HE1000 by HiFiMAN

HiFiMAN has updated its two top planar magnetic headphones. The HE1000 and Edition X have undergone several styling and mechanical enhancements designed to improve their appearance, durability, and comfort. To identify them, the new models will receive a V2 designation after their model names and therefore be known as HE1000 V2 ($2,999 MSRP) and Edition X V2 ($1,799) respectively. HE1000 V2 and Edition X V2 will be available in September at the same prices as the previous models.

HE1000 V2 is a full-size headphone intended for reference use in the home or studio. At much less than 0.001 millimeter thick, its Nanotech planar magnetic driver is so thin it is not visible from the side with the naked eye. New features include an improved headband design that is lighter and stiffer, yet will accommodate a wider range of head sizes. The ear cups are also slimmer further reducing weight and increasing comfort.

“Many years of R&D went into the development of HE1000 and Edition X and they have been highly praised by both reviewers and enthusiasts,” said HiFiMAN founder and president, Dr. Fang Bian. “Despite that, I am never satisfied with how things are, even with successful products. I am always looking to improve, so we listened carefully to user feedback and acted on it. The V2 versions are lighter and more comfortable, better sounding, and are enhanced cosmetically with a better fit and finish. I am especially pleased we were able to make these popular models even better with no increase in price.” 

The weight of the HE1000 V2 has been reduced to 420 grams (14.8 ounces), and its beveled ear pads are thicker with a larger asymmetrical angle to yield better bass and improved sound stage, and the pads’ material has been changed from velour to polyester to increase sound transparency and resolution. 

High-performance cables have always been a mainstay of HiFiMAN, and the company’s flagship will now come standard with a three-core cable for improved sound quality.

Following on the success of HE1000, Edition X was launched in December 2015. Sharing a similar design with asymmetrical ear cups and window-shade grille, X boasted high sensitivity of 103dB, meaning it could be easily driven from most portable audio devices and smartphones. This enabled Edition X to be well suited for portable applications around the home, office, or travel. Edition X also was priced at 40 percent less than HE1000. With Edition X V2, improvements include an updated headband design to accommodate more head sizes, a metal yoke for increased stability and durability, enhanced cosmetics all around, and an improved cable and thicker, better ear pads. 

Also, to increase transparency of the sound, the EDX ear pad material has been changed along with the HE 1000 V2. The former velour ear pads will now be polyester to make the sound clearer, and its headband has also been updated in similar fashion to that of the HE 1000 V2. 

To take advantage of the nano-grade driver in HE1000 V2, HiFiMAN engineers designed an Advanced Asymmetrical Magnetic Circuit. A painstaking process, it took the team seven years to obtain the optimum balance between high driver efficiency and high sound quality. The innovative design of the double-sided, asymmetrical magnetic circuit is the perfect marriage of the nanometer-grade diaphragm and its magnetic partner.