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Hi-Res Listening Stations Now Available at Nearly 80 Magnolia Design Center Locations

Sony and Best Buy have installed Hi-Res Listening Stations in nearly 80 Best Buy Magnolia Design Center stores in the U.S.

Sony and Best Buy have installed Hi-Res Listening Stations in nearly 80 Best Buy Magnolia Design Center stores in the U.S. 

The Hi-Res Listening Station kiosks enable consumers to experience a variety of hi-res music recordings, in virtually every genre, on a number of Sony products including Walkman portable players, headphone amplifiers, and music servers. The Hi-Res Listening Stations — which are supported by Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group — include music clips from more than three dozen classic catalog and new titles, will be updated with new music quarterly. 

“Hi-res audio has received an overwhelmingly positive response from audiophiles everywhere, and our partnership with Magnolia at Best Buy will enable the industry to deliver the hi-res message to a much broader audience,” said Mike Fasulo, president and COO at Sony Electronics. “Sony is always striving to provide consumers with entertainment devices that meet virtually every lifestyle need, and our unique collaboration with Magnolia at Best Buy is no exception.”

Added Michael Crane, merchant director at Magnolia at Best Buy, “For nearly 50 years, Best Buy has been the destination for electronics and entertainment, and as the nation’s largest AV specialty retailer, our Magnolia Design Center stores deliver the ultimate experiences. We’re pleased to join with Sony and the major music companies in bringing this experience to all of our locations nationwide. Simply stated, MDC is proud to serve as the destination for hi-res audio.”

Each Hi-Res Listening Station also comes with an integrated tablet that contains information about hi-res audio in general, along with music discographies and video testimonials. To promote consumer activation, the program also includes additional incentive offers from Magnolia at Best Buy and HDtracks.

“HDtracks, the leading source for true hi-res music downloads in the U.S., is thrilled to be working with Magnolia Design Centers and Sony to bring the hi-res listening experience to Magnolia’s discerning customers,” said Norman Chesky, president and co-founder at HDtracks. “This great-sounding free sampler album and discount incentive offers bring additional value to every purchase and are a great way to showcase any hi-res audio device.”