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Honeywell Expands Lyric Security and Home Control Platform

Honeywell has launched the Lyric Gateway, a new controller/hub designed for the mobile lifestyle.

Honeywell has launched the Lyric Gateway, a new controller/hub designed for the mobile lifestyle and to open up new markets—including renters, condo and second homeowners, and those who frequently move—to security dealers and integrators.

The Lyric Gateway, which can be placed anywhere in the home using the included desk stand, serves as the central hub for controlling the entire Lyric wireless connected platform. Through the Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services app, consumers can control all aspects of their Lyric connected home system including the Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat, Total Connect video cameras, and Z-Wave enabled devices.

“Many people prefer to manage their lives through their mobile device—and controlling their home is no different,” said David Paja, president of security and fire, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies. “The Lyric Gateway provides these customers with a wireless, flexible, and connected system that’s ideal for life on the move. It gives consumers, such as renters and condo owners, the opportunity to have a professionally installed and monitored security system without the need to drill holes and snake wires.”

The Lyric Gateway is designed to be installed quickly with either ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity. It also uses radio communications as a backup, which removes the need for an urgent dealer response to communication protocol changes. The radio is user replaceable, which puts more power in the hands of the consumer and therefore helps reduce the need for a dealer to dispatch a service technician.

“Security solutions are evolving quickly, particularly in the residential market,” Paja said. “The Lyric Gateway will enhance dealers’ business models by enabling them to reach new customers, increase their RMR, and provide a great customer experience while reducing their operational costs.” 

The entire Lyric Security and Home Control platform, including the encrypted Honeywell SiX Two-Way wireless sensors, is supported by the AlarmNet 360 online dealer platform, which simplifies business management for systems integrators and dealers.