Honeywell VISTA Products Now Compatible with Compass Control System

Honeywell Vista Products Can Now Be Used with Key Digital's Compass Control System
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Honeywell VISTA products are now compatible with the Compass Control System, a fully integrated, major control system built from the ground up to use Apple’s iOS devices as its backbone.

Key Digital has developed a driver and a pre-configured GUI template for their Compass Control system to interface with Honeywell VISTA Security Panels. Compass Control driver and UI will provide audio, video, climate, lighting, home control, keypad emulation, security and energy management, and basic system status for most residential and commercial Honeywell VISTA panels. This provides configuration with systems previously not supported through direct control, allowing dealers to incorporate security to installations using their current VISTA panels. 

Module Features: 

›Control over IP or RS-232

›Control thermostat, security and more over IP 

›Arming/Disarming System

›Full system status updates