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Honeywell’s Genesis Series Jacketless Cable

Pleasant Praire, WI — Honeywell Genesis Series jacketless cables provide simple, cost-efficient cabling solutions for residential and commercial voice, data and video applications.

Unlike traditional cables, Genesis Series multimedia cables do not feature an outer jacket, saving the installer valuable time by eliminating the need to remove it. Instead, the bundled cables are held together by a revolutionary tight continuous twist that does not require binding tapes or adhesive materials. This design allows the installer to effortlessly separate data and coaxial cable components. Plus, it results in a lighter weight cable that has a better bend radius along with a smaller overall diameter, making it much easier for the installer to handle.

In addition, the Honeywell jacketless design improves on other standard bundled constructions by reducing environmentally related problems like cracking caused by cold weather.

Honeywell offers jacketless cable bundles in a wide variety of combinations. The standard offering consists of two Category Cat 5e UTP cables for voice and data, plus two RG 6/U Quad Shielded Coaxial cables. Honeywell also offers a bundle with two optical fibers, and additional constructions are available.