H-P Products Expands Disposable Bag Line Central Vacuums

Units Available Under Dirt Devil, Element, VACUFLO Brands
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Disposable Bag Central Vacuum Line by H-P Products

H-P Products has expanded and improved its Disposable Bag line of central vacuums available under the Dirt Devil, Element, and VACUFLO brands. Two new units, DB3000 and DB8000, join the other three units (DB5000, DB7000, and DB9000), expanding installation capabilities and providing dealers with more opportunities for up-sells.

The complete H-P Disposable Bag (DB) power unit line features powerful suction to remove 100 percent of vacuumed dirt and dust from a home. This helps ensure a clean, healthy living environment with improved indoor air quality and reduced allergens. The DB power unit line lets users experience a dirtless cleaning system with the use of CleanShield disposable filter bags. The bags are constructed of three layers of cloth filter material, and assembled using a heat-welding method that does not allow any dust to escape. As a result, the filter bags are extremely durable and capable of filtering out dirt and dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. Unlike traditional paper bags, CleanShield Filter Bags don’t lose performance.

To maximize the dirtless experience, the design of the three larger models (DB7000, DB8000, and DB9000) goes a step further by including a CarbonCapture filter that captures carbon dust from the motor brushes. This ensures that dust does not escape from the unit, preventing walls from getting dirty in the home.

All units also feature dual intakes allowing installers to position the inlet fitting on either side of the unit. This allows for easier installation, especially with unit replacements.

The H-P Disposable Bag power unit line is covered by a limited lifetime warranty and offered through H-P's extensive professional dealer network.