H-P Products Ships Central Vac Accessories

Vac Accessories Help Manage Pet Fur
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Vac-N-Groom Pet Brush and Pet Hair and Lint Brush by H-P Products

H-P Products is now shipping a new central vacuum accessory for pet owners: the Pet Set. The kit includes the Vac-N-Groom Pet Brush and Pet Hair and Lint Brush. The kit is designed for homeowners that require a convenient solution for large amounts of fur produced by shedding pets.

The Vac-N-Groom is a vacuum pet brush tool that allows for pet owners to quickly remove loose and unwanted hair from their pet while vacuuming it away at the same time. The Vac-N-Groom also captures dander allergens released by pets and prevents them from spreading, creating a healthier home for sensitive individuals, especially allergy sufferers. The flexible bristles are gentle enough for smaller pets, but sturdy enough for deep grooming of larger dogs. 

The five inch Pet Hair and Lint Brush features a self-cleaning roller brush that efficiently removes pet hair, lint, and fibers from upholstery, cars, stairs, and clothing. 

The Pet Set is priced at $50 when purchased through a retailer. Both tools fit on any standard 1.25-inch diameter vacuum hose.