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Inca Introduces Flatscreen TV Pedestal Lift

Inca has introduced its new, cost effective Flatscreen TV Pedestal Lift (P/N 900700).

Inca has introduced its new, cost effective Flatscreen TV Pedestal Lift (P/N 900700).

The Pedestal unit provides a similar function to flatscreen lift systems on the market today, but at a less expensive price, the company says. The unit is designed to accommodate most flatscreen TVs up to 60-inches wide. It can be ordered to included either a hinged type lid and/or flat top cabinet design. All pedestal units come powder coated black, and operate off 120 volts. Control options are either RF or contact closure for touch-screen commands.

The Inca line of pedestal type lifts can move flat-screen TVs and displays, in near complete silence (DB under 45), from a concealed position to a desired viewing height. The lift works with hinged lid and flat top cabinet designs.

The units have an overall depth of 4.25 inches, making it possible to conceal displays in a minimal amount of space. And because the unit itself is only 8.625 inches wide, there is plenty of space left in the installation space for cable management, ventilation, etc. The overall height of the unit
varies, depending on the size of the TV and the desired amount of vertical travel. Lower and upper limit switches on the unit’s track allow for fine tuning of the TV’s concealed
position and raised position.

Installation is quick and easy since the lift mechanism is shipped completely assembled and weighs as little as 40 pounds. Simply fasten the track to a mounting surface of your choice, make all appropriate connections with the junction box and controller, and lastly, mount your TV either directly to the VESA mounting plate attached to the moving truck or an Inca
mounting system can be incorporated to the unit for quick and easy removal of the TV from the unit.

The lift system is powder coated black, and runs off 120 power, at 25 volts. The pedestal lift connects to the included external junction box (J-Box) via a coil cord. The external J-Box includes a fuse and power cable with plug and connects to a controller of your choice: a radio remote, a power sensor module, or a 12VDC dry contact trigger.