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iPoint Adds Marketing Capabilities to iPoint Control

Business Automation Tool Now Allows Users to Create Targeted, Email-Based Campaigns to Grow Their Business and Further Streamline Operations

iPoint, the business management software provider serving the home technology market, has added a marketing module to its business automation tool. The module provides dealers and distributors with the advanced capabilities they need to design and manage an effective marketing campaign.

“The biggest struggle that our users have right now is staying in front of customers and gaining market share, attracting the best help, and continuing to operate efficiently as the company grows,” said Brian Good, vice president of sales and marketing at iPoint. “The new marketing module gives users access to everything they need to easily leap over these hurdles, all within the same comprehensive platform they’re already using to efficiently and productively run their growing business and meet new goals.”

Within iPoint Control’s dashboard, users can create targeted email-based marketing campaigns using simple and effective templates built upon the BEE Pro email editor. 

The professional templates eliminate the cost of using external marketing and design services while leveraging the automation tools built into the comprehensive platform. 

Using the smart tags within iPoint’s customer contact list, operators can easily select and create targeted lists quickly for different campaigns — such as home audio, security, control and automation, or new customers. This builds upon iPoint’s mission to eliminate duplicate data entry that can cost productivity and resources by using the information already created within the platform. As there are product updates and other developments, users can blast information directly to those customers in a timely manner.

In addition, the new marketing module allows administrators to track and analyze each campaign. They can see how many have been sent as well as the open and click through rates to evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign and drive further growth.