iPort Surface Mount Blends Into Aesthetics

The Surface Mount Allows Users to Keep an iPad Attached to Any Surface
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Keeping in sync with its goal to make at-home technologies blend into the aesthetics of the living space, Sonance’s newest product, the Surface Mount, allows you to do just that with your iPad. With so many at-home and office-control technologies designed for the iPad, iPort — a brand of Dana Innovations, Sonance’s parent company — designed this mounting solution to allow users to keep their iPad attached to any surface.

“It’s an elegant way to mount your iPad to any surface,” said Jack Hill, director of marketing at Sonance. 

The Surface Mount bezel sports a minimalist aesthetic and occupies a minimal footprint on the wall, and enables all iPad functions while installed. The bezel also has security locks built in that can be enabled for commercial applications, keeping your iPad secure in busy environments. 

The two-part electronics system consists of a splitter and an injector. The splitter receives power from either PoE or 24V DC power sources. And for scenarios where those power sources are not present, the injector can be used to provide power from any wall receptacle, worldwide.

The Surface Mount system ships in October for iPad mini 1, 2 and 3 models, in November for iPad Air 1 and 2 models, and in December for iPad mini 4 models.