James Loudspeaker Launches FXA Series Loudspeakers

Angled Baffle Three-Way Architectural Speakers Available in Two Versions
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James Loudspeaker has introduced the FXA Series angled baffle architectural series speakers for in-ceiling and in-wall applications. All FXA Series speakers feature an ultra-discreet edge detail that appears virtually flush once installed.

Based on demands from professional integrators for an optimized high-performance architectural speaker utilizing an angled baffle, the FXA Series is designed to excel in environments where balanced coverage is difficult to achieve. “We had numerous requests for a premium grade architectural speaker that offers clarity and detail along with exceptional dispersion throughout an expansive area,” said James Loudspeaker chief marketing officer Ted Telesky. 

For home cinema applications, the FXA series works as an L/C/R and/or surround solution for in-wall or in-ceiling, allowing downward coverage adhering to the specifications required for Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and DTS:X.

Within this new lineup, two choices of tweeters are available. Models with a single beryllium tweeter, used for the highest-fidelity performance as well as timbre matching to the James BE Series speakers, are simply referred to FXA Series. Also available are versions that utilize the James proprietary Quad Array Tweeter, featuring four 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeters delivering wide coverage and high output. These models, adorned with the FXAQ moniker, are timbre-matched to James QX and QXC models. 

Each FXA and FXAQ speaker features dual three-inch mid-range transducers (angled at 30 degrees toward the listening area) and two 5.25-inch woofers (angled on the adjacent baffle at 20 degrees toward the listener) to provide accurate bass response. The woofers are designed with aluminum cones, Santoprene surrounds, and die-cast baskets for use in outdoor/marine environments. Enclosures are constructed of aircraft/marine-grade aluminum and include aluminum white paintable grilles. 70- volt versions and custom colors are available upon request.

FXA Series speakers from James Loudspeaker are available now. MSRP for FXA models is $1,700 each. MSRP for FXAQ models is $1,400 each. All FXA and FXAQ units are engineered, assembled, and tested in Napa, CA.