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James Loudspeaker Unveils Two Compact Boundary Speakers

New W-Series models leverage new woofer and Quad Tweeter in a smaller, fully customizable form factor.

James Loudspeaker has introduced two smaller versions of its W-Series wedge form factor boundary speakers that are designed for integration where walls and ceilings converge. The 42Qw and 43Qw offer performance for multi-zone audio, height channels for immersive theater systems (Atmos, Auro3D, and DTS:X), and outdoor audio applications. Both new models are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and include an aluminum perforated grille.

The 42Qw and 43Qw employ a new version of the high-excursion 4-inch woofer originally used in the 42AT landscape loudspeaker, designed using a Santoprene surround and aluminum cone. The 42Qw combines a single 4-inch woofer with James Loudspeaker’s aluminum Quad Tweeter array. The 43Qw utilizes two of the 4-inch drivers with the Quad Tweeter for additional output capability.

Both W-Series models come with a wall/ceiling bracket that features a secure mounting system that is easy for custom integrators to work with and achieve a gapless fit. Like all James Loudspeaker products, both standard and custom colors are available.

The James Loudspeaker 42Qw and 43Qw are available now through authorized James Loudspeaker integrators. MSRP pricing is $900USD (42Qw) and $1100USD (43Qw) each.

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