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James Loudspeaker’s New Mavericks MQ84, MQ84A Now Available

James Loudspeaker has added the MQ84/MQ84A mid- and high-frequency modules to its Mavericks home theater lineup.

James Loudspeaker has added the MQ84/MQ84A mid- and high-frequency modules to its Mavericks home theater lineup. The Mavericks speaker system was specifically developed for ultra-high output home theater applications, delivering ultra-wide bandwidth and low distortion along with the dynamic capability required to create a stunning cinema experience. 

The MQ84/MQ84A is a four-way loudspeaker available either with a built-in passive crossover on the MQ84 or with an optional external active multi-channel amplifier/crossover on the MQ84A, providing theater design specialists and custom integrators with ample flexibility to achieve their system design objectives. The MQ84 and MA84A have been constructed to the exact dimensions of the M152 dual 15-inch subwoofer, creating a stackable, full-range loudspeaker solution for the high-resolution home or commercial theater.

The MQ84 and MQ84A loudspeakers deliver high efficiency and power handling through a broad frequency spectrum attributed to the finest internal components and masterful engineering. Tapping into the company’s roots in large-venue sound reinforcement, the James Loudspeaker MQ84 utilizes a pro-audio compression driver coupled to a precise 20-degree by 90-degree precision coverage horn. 

For the high frequency range, a proprietary and precisely angled quad tweeter array consisting of four 25mm titanium dome tweeters is employed, giving the MQ84 high output and power handling capabilities. A single 25mm titanium dome tweeter is utilized for ultra-high frequencies. The MQ84’s mid-bass frequencies are handled by a pair of eight-inch aluminum-cone woofers coupled to a shallow waveguide for increased efficiency.

“The MQ84 and MQ84A have been designed to deliver the ultimate immersive audio experience—lifelike dynamics and high output without any compression of the signal,” said Michael Park, CTO at James Loudspeaker. “The enclosure geometry and internal bracing have been engineered to minimize loss of energy through vibration. 

“This is a loudspeaker capable of both the visceral impact and stunning musicality that together present a movie soundtrack or live concert event as the producers and directors had intended.”