Jensen Transformers Adds ISO-MAX Converters

New Models Convert Speaker-Level Signals to Line-Level Signals
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Jensen Transformers has developed the SC-2NR and the SP-2SX speaker-to-line-level audio converters to give residential AV installers an extra stereo line-level output on a multi-channel amplifier.

The new Jensen Transformers models convert speaker-level signals to line-level signals. 

On the consumer-focused SC-2NR model, the speaker-level signal connects to the back panel screw terminals and comes out onto the front panel, gold-plated RCA connectors at -10 dBV. The SP-2SX uses Neutrik speakON connectors for the input and gold plated XLRs for the +4 dBu output. Both are passive, two-channel units that have dip switches that allow for incoming speaker-level signals from amplifiers rated at 24 watts, 75 watts, 240 watts, or 750 watts, while keeping the output level at or near -10 dBV or +4 dBu, respectively. Input ranges also include 25-volt and 70-volt lines. 

Jensen audio transformers provide complete isolation, which is useful with amplifiers that have bridge-mode or floating outputs that cannot be grounded.