JL Audio Adds 8-Inch In-wall Subwoofer

The New Fathom IWS System Joins the Previous 13.5-inch Driver Models in the Fathom IWS Lineup
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JL Audio has launched a new 8-inch version of its Fathom IWS in-wall subwoofer systems. It joins the previous 13.5-inch driver models in the Fathom IWS lineup.

“We are excited about the potential of the 8-inch in-wall subwoofer solution in our growing line of architectural audio solutions,” said Andy Oxenhorn, president of JL Audio. “This model has a very small grille opening that will please customers looking for a visually unobtrusive solution, while still capable of delivering true JL Audio sub-bass performance.”

The 8-inch Fathom IWS systems (MSRP $2,100 - $3,000) feature a compact enclosure — built in JL Audio’s Miramar, FL, factory — that utilizes extensive architectural techniques to improve rigidity, while maintaining a minimal footprint to facilitate installation in more applications regardless of wall construction. A unique port design vents through a slot located at the perimeter of the driver mount, to enhance efficiency and low-bass output.

Inside the enclosure is an all-new, long-excursion, 8-inch thin-line woofer, designed and built specifically by JL Audio for these products. The system is driven by a rack-mountable DSP/amplifier with up to 600 watts of clean power and programmed specifically for each system. A complete set of Fathom signal processing features are in the amplifier, including an 18-band Digital Automatic Room Optimization (D.A.R.O.) system, and a true two-way crossover with high-pass outputs, all accessible via a menu-driven interface and LCD display.

“Fathom IWS systems start with a premise that our customers should not need to lower their expectations for sound quality when selecting an in-wall subwoofer solution,” added Manville Smith, VP of marketing. “The IWS-108 and 208 systems combine our expertise in driver, enclosure, and amplifier design to deliver on this core principle, in a compact package that is easy to integrate into any room.”