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× and Home Connect Partner to Enhance the Connected Kitchen

Need a cup of coffee? Ask Josh. has partnered with Home Connect, a dynamic ecosystem created to connect home appliances from brands such as Bosch and Thermador to the Internet of Things. Starting with the support of fully automatic coffee machines with Home Connect, the integration illustrates’s commitment to luxury home automation as well as Home Connect’s aim of unlocking a multitude of connected consumer experiences in the household.

Once enabled, users can simply ask Josh in a natural way to brew their choice of beverage, including options such as the type, strength, and quantity of coffee. Requests can be as simple or complex as desired, such as “Ok Josh, make some coffee” or “Ok Josh, brew a strong large Espresso Macchiato.” users will be able to control their Home Connect devices in any accessible property by authorizing their Home Connect account within the Josh platform.

Once the Home Connect-enabled devices are connected to the network, will auto discover and populate them into the environment.

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