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× Launches Voice Integration with Savant

The advance voice control system now integrates seamlessly with the Savant smart home platform. has launched an integration with the Savant smart home platform. The integration, co-generated through a partnership with both companies, facilitates seamless interactivity between Savant’s user-focused scene-creation into the platform.

The integration was designed to make the setup process intuitive for integrators. An authentication code is all that is needed to pair the systems, to be entered into the software. Once authenticated, automatically reads in the Savant scenes, enabling users to effortlessly access these features using customizable voice commands. In addition to custom voice triggers, the integrator can also assign custom responses. For example, a “Good Morning” scene could respond with, “Good Morning Sarah, have a great day!”

By adding Savant compatibility, continues to invest in the custom integration channel and its ecosystem partners. With a focus on privacy and security, the integration utilizes industry leading practices to ensure client data is protected. delivers advanced smart home artificial intelligence services without ever exposing client data for sale or marketing purposes. also allows users to opt out of data collection with the ability to delete any or all chat logs at any time, further demonstrating their commitment to privacy for end-users.

The Savant integration with scene control is available today, with more functionality coming in 2019.

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