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Just Add Power Adds to HDIP Lineup

Just Add Power is now shipping new 2GΩ Transmitters and Receivers.

Just Add Power is now shipping new 2GΩ Transmitters and Receivers.

The new 2GΩ units are backward and forward compatible with 1080p or lower resolution sources on any 2G (1080p) or 3G (4K) systems. Additional features include POE power; instant switching; video wall modes in portrait, landscape, or mosaic; lossless audio (Atmos and DTS:X); zero detectable latency; image preview; custom logo overlay; custom image if no video is present; VGA and analog inputs; and integrated control over IP, RS-232, and IR.

“Our proven track record over the years with 2G being installed in thousands of projects has ushered in our new, feature-rich 2GΩ lineup of products,” said Ed Qualls, president of Just Add Power. “Just Add Power just celebrated 25 years of design and manufacturing without changing our philosophy of being evolutionary, not revolutionary. 

“One example of evolutionary would be that 2GΩ supports all legacy 2G installs. These models are also forward compatible on all new 3G Ultra HDIP projects using 1080p sources and displays, providing a way to make these systems more flexible and cost effective. We take pride in knowing that our evolutionary product design philosophy not only protects your investment, but a system from Just Add Power actually increases in value over time and gains additional features.”