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Kaleidescape Introduces a Mobile App for Home Cinema

Users can now select, purchase, and control the playback of Kaleidescape content from their smartphones.

Kaleidescape has introduced the Kaleidescape Mobile App, which provides customers a new user interface for selecting and purchasing movies and controlling the playback of feature films, concerts, and TV shows on their Kaleidescape system. The app includes a remote that makes it easy to control the onscreen display using a smartphone, without taking your eyes off the big screen. The app also provides customers with timely information from Kaleidescape, such as movie recommendations.

“Kaleidescape is known for its onscreen user interface. However, to use it, many of our customers interact with third-party control tablets that make it impossible to use some of the best features of our onscreen user interface,” says Cheena Srinivasan, Kaleidescape founder and CEO. “Kaleidescape designed our new mobile app to solve this problem by providing a control interface that is as elegant as our onscreen interface. The mobile app’s design was also influenced by the lack of a practical way to visit our movie store and buy movies with a smartphone. The Kaleidescape mobile app will continue to play a central role as we evolve Kaleidescape’s user interface, making it more intuitive and more entertaining.”‘

The Kaleidescape Mobile App is available for download from the Apple Store. It is offered at no cost to Kaleidescape owners and users worldwide. Kaleidescape plans to release the Mobile App for Android phones in the future.

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