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KanexPro Debuts IP Keypad, Relay Controller

KanexPro's 8-button IP keypad and IR/RS-232 and relay controller were featured at CEDIA 2017.

KanexPro has introduced an 8-button control-based IP Keypad and integrated IR/RS-232 and Relay Controller, both of which debuted at CEDIA 2017.

The 8-button IP Keypad (WP-IPKEYPAD8) is designed as an easy-to-use, programmable keypad based over TCP/IP and designed for controlling audio-video devices, such as DVD players, projectors, and relay bases screens. With the ability to send commands to any Ethernet or relay trigger controlled device within an AV system, the IP Keypad features up to 16 physical macro buttons and an additional 16 software based macro buttons.

Users can program and recall up to 32 distinct macros to deliver complete control over any audio and video application. Designed for home control systems, classrooms, conference rooms, and showrooms, the soft and colorful LED buttons fit perfectly in any environment and can be dimmed based on the user’s desired setting.

KanexPro’s IR/RS-232 and Relay Controller (CR-3XCONTROL) is designed to control a wide variety of devices, including projectors, DVD players, and additional IR, RS-232 and relay based sources. With eight external trigger connections, eight (of 16) user defined macro events are stored within the unit and all 16 are accessible through WebGUI or Telnet. The user-defined macros can send commands to remove devices via Ethernet, IR, relay trigger, or RS-232/422/485 to allow for the control of a large array of devices at the push of a button.

The controller, ideal for use with smart home control systems, classrooms, conference rooms, and showrooms, supports Power over Ethernet, allowing it to be powered directly from a standard PoE network switch, without the need for an external power adapter.

“Both control solutions are ideal for high-end smart homes, as well as additional commercial applications, where audio and video devices can be controlled with a simple click of a button,” said Kashyap Khetia, product marketing manager for KanexPro.