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Kwikset Convert Z-Wave Smart Lock Conversion Kit Now Available

Transforms Mechanical Locks into Electronic, Smart Locks and Brings Keyless Entry Home Automation to New Consumers

The Kwikset brand of Spectrum Brands Inc. has announced the availability of its Kwikset Convert locksets, its new Z-Wave Smart Lock Conversion Kit.

Kwikset Convert will turn mechanical locks, even non-Kwikset locks, into smart, electronic locks. The Conversion Kit replaces the interior half of an existing lock without changing the exterior. Consequently, Kwikset Convert will appeal to design-focused homeowners who want the convenience of keyless entry and home automation that a smart lock brings while maintaining the style of the front door. Kwikset Convert can also be used for non-main entry doors where remote control/notification is desired.

Featuring a traditional style that complements the décor of most homes, Kwikset Convert also helps bring home automation to consumers who have held off on buying smart home products, while extending it for those who already have them. For novices, Kwikset Convert, in combination with any one of dozens of Z-Wave home automation hubs, provides an easy-to-install, cost-effective entry into the home automation arena. For consumers who already have a home automation hub controlling various systems (e.g., lighting, heating, AV), Kwikset Convert extends automation capabilities directly to the front door.

An important feature of Kwikset Convert is the incorporation of the new Z-Wave 500 Series chip. The new chip provides a number of enhancements, including extended wireless range and wireless security features that reduce the vulnerability of the network during enrollment, as well as increased battery life.

“Kwikset Convert will appeal to owners of both condominiums and vacation property whose homeowners associations require all exterior locks to be uniform in appearance,” said Keith Brandon, divisional vice president of residential access solutions, Spectrum Brands Inc. – Hardware & Home Improvement Division. “It will also be ideal for renters who aren’t allowed to change out their current locks.”

In conjunction with any of a wide variety of Z-Wave-based home automation systems, the new Conversion Kit utilizes the Z-Wave wireless protocol to enable true remote locking and unlocking. As a result, users will be capable of remotely accessing and controlling the lock from anywhere in the world, using a smartphone, tablet or Internet-connected device. This will allow them to lock a door while traveling for work or vacation, and even remotely provide access to their home to service providers, guests or other family members. Users can also get information through their smart phone, letting them know whether a door is locked or unlocked.

Kwikset Convert is simple to install and features the same class-leading minimal, all-metal interior available in Kwikset’s SmartCodeline. Currently, Kwikset Convert is designed to work with locks from Kwikset, Baldwin and Weiser (Kwikset sister companies), and Schlage.

Available in Brass, Venetian Bronze, and Satin Nickel, MSRP of the Kwikset Convert Z-Wave Smart Lock Conversion Kit is $129.