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Legrand 20-Inch Plastic Enclosure Facilitates Wireless Device Integration on Structured Wiring Projects

Introduced with New Plastic Trim Rings to Round Out Company’s Comprehensive Enclosure and Accessory Product Line

Legrand has unveiled a 20-inch tall plastic equipment wiring enclosure, Model ENP2050, that is transparent to radio frequencies and enables placement of IoT and other wireless devices into traditional structured wiring installations without causing signal interference or reducing signal coverage.

The company also introduced a series of plastic trim rings in 20-, 30-, and 42-inch sizes that enable clean enclosure installations by neatly concealing imperfections in drywall cutouts. The new offerings complete a comprehensive product line of Legrand enclosures and related accessories.

Made of sturdy, durable, paintable white ABS plastic, the new enclosure’s six-inch deep interior features a universal mounting grid that maximizes its compatibility with third-party products without requiring additional brackets, saving on parts and installation time. The unique design also allows it to be utilized for surface- or recess-mounted applications. Extra venting along the door for heat dissipation and staggered mounting tabs allow multiple enclosures to be mounted in adjacent stud bays. The enclosure’s external width measurement is 17.1 inches, including the mounting tabs.

“Our 20-inch plastic enclosure follows on the very positive market reception of our 30- and 42-inch models, which have become a staple for installers and builders tasked with outfitting homes with complex systems that combine wired and wireless devices,” said Fritz Werder, Legrand’s VP/general manager for the On-Q and Nuvo lines. “The enclosure and plastic trim rings join our wide array of infrastructure solutions that represent a convenient one-stop shop for installers under the Legrand banner.”

The 20-inch plastic enclosure features an extended cover that adds 1.2-inches of depth for cable headroom and third-party device flexibility. The plastic door, which covers drywall holes for a clean finish, attaches to either the right or left side of the enclosure with included mounting hardware. The enclosure can also be locked using included screws.

Featuring a tapered design, the enclosure and cover stack easily for efficient transportation and warehousing. They are also available in bulk packs for added convenience and value for larger jobs.

The new Legrand plastic trim rings, which support either left or right door swings, install directly to the enclosure or wall studs with hardware included in their packaging. They feature a modular design that snaps together quickly and easily without the need for tools and allows them to be packaged in a compact bag, which saves truck and warehouse space and reduces shipping costs.

The 20-inch enclosure (ENP2050) is currently available for MSRP $69.00.