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Legrand Launches Voice and Video Distribution Solution

Legrand has released its next generation voice and video distribution solution for structured wiring systems through its partnership with Antronix.

Legrand has released its next generation voice and video distribution solution for structured wiring systems through its partnership with Antronix.

“Our customers expect nothing but the best performance and quality from a Legrand structured wiring system,” said Fritz Werder, vice president and general manager, Legrand Home Systems Division. “By teaming with the industry’s best digital video experts at Antronix, we were able to develop significant design and quality enhancements to our video and voice distribution solution.”

With three new voice and video combination modules and two standalone voice modules, the new solution is designed to meet or exceed the regulatory and performance requirements of the construction and cable industries while delivering value-enhancing features for the installer.

“With this next generation video and voice distribution solution for structured wiring systems, the Legrand-Antronix partnership is separating itself from the competition with products that meet the greatest performance and quality standards of service providers and safety regulators,” said Neil Tang, executive vice president of Antronix. “Together, we are committed to ensuring that homes are installed with low voltage infrastructure that meet the highest industry standards and will last a lifetime.”

CO1045 / CO1110 Combination Modules
The CO1045 and CO1110 combination modules offer 10 and eight ports of voice and video distribution, respectively. They also include an RJ31X port on the telecom board for line seizure of security systems. With the option to choose between a RJ45 (CO1045) or 110 IDC punchdown (CO1110) termination, the modules suit whichever style the installer prefers. The Antronix video splitter is rated to 1 GHz and its performance exceeds the requirements of the cable industry. The splitters are built to last a lifetime and are future-ready with VoIP and DOCSIS 3.0 capability. Both modules are also capable of transmitting a MoCA coax networking signal.

The included mounting infrastructure is compact when installed and efficiently directs cables out of the enclosure, saving space and simplifying cable management. The mounting infrastructure is also detachable, allowing easy access to terminate cable in the tight space during installation.

CO2110-V1 Voice and Video Combination Module
Installers looking to enable coax networking in a new or existing structured wiring system will look to the CO2110-V1 combination module, which has identical features to the CO1110 module, with the exception of the 1.675 GHz rated video splitter. This video splitter is optimized for the MoCA standard, enabling current and future equipment to transmit a robust high-speed network to any coax drop in the home. With broad support from the major service providers, the MoCA standard has enabled the development of features such as multi-room DVR; and with the explosion of IP-based entertainment, coax networks allow a high speed network to stream entertainment where a traditional wired Ethernet network is absent.

TM1045 / TM1110 Telecom Modules
The same telecom modules in the combination modules are also available as standalone products for voice distribution. The modules accept up to four incoming telephone lines that can distribute to up to 10 locations. From its mounting infrastructure to its gold plated contacts, the telecom modules are designed to last for the lifetime of the home.