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AiDot Releases Solar Spotlights With Hubless Group Control and Music Sync

The Linkind SL5 Solar Spotlights can be controlled simultaneously through the AiDot app.

AiDot has released the Linkind SL5 Smart Solar Spotlight, which blends convenience, intelligence, and eco-friendliness into one product.

AiDot Linkind SL5 Smart Solar Spotlight - Lifestyle

The SL5 is the first smart solar spotlight to offer group control functionality without the need for hubs or wires. Users can link multiple SL5s and control them simultaneously through the AiDot app, where you can manage color, temperature, brightness, and on-off timing. Additionally, the SL5 can synchronize with music, creating dynamic lighting effects that enhance any outdoor event.

The SL5 harnesses advanced solar technology to deliver superior energy efficiency and extended battery life. Equipped with PET-laminated monocrystalline silicon panels and grade A batteries, the SL5 ensures consistent illumination throughout the night. Its energy conversion rates are as high as 30% (surpassing the industry standard of 21-24%), enabling the SL5 spotlight to operate at peak performance for up to 12 hours in its most power-efficient mode.

The SL5’s plug-and-play design allows for quick and easy set up. Its 180-degree vertical and 360-degree horizontal adjustability ensures optimal positioning for both solar collection and accent lighting, whether mounted on a wall or placed on a ground stake (hardware included for both installation preferences).

AiDot has released the Linkind SL5 Smart Solar Spotlight - SIngle Light

Three operating modes allow the SL5 to suit a variety of convenience and safety needs:

  • Motion Detection Mode: Ideal for areas with frequent movement, enhancing safety and energy efficiency.
  • Luminance Detection Mode: Automatically activates at dusk, providing consistent nighttime illumination.
  • Light Mode: Maintains continuous lighting for extended periods.

Plus, it’s designed to endure all weather conditions, boasting an IP65 weather resistance rating and a durable PET laminated monocrystalline silicon panel. These enhanced features ensure reliable performance even in the harshest conditions, preventing issues such as flickering, dimming, or water ingress.

The Linkind SL5 Smart Solar Spotlights are available in packs of two or six. The two-pack is priced at $44.99 and the six-pack is $125.99 on Amazon. Through Memorial Day users can save an additional 23% off the six-pack by clicking on the coupon on the Amazon product page. Those purchasing the two-pack can save 15% with the click-to-apply coupon and an additional 5% by using code 59D9WPSY at checkout.

Product Specifications:

  • Power: 1.5W monocrystalline silicon solar panel
  • Waterproof Rating: IP65
  • Lighting Modes: Motion, Luminance, Steady Illumination
  • Control: AiDot App via Bluetooth
  • Color Options: 43 presets, with 16 million DIY colors
  • Installation: Wall mount or ground insert

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