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Case Study: A Renaissance in Shading

QMotion Qadvanced motorized roller shades reduce heat and deliver convenience for a Dallas home.

Recently, the owners of a 9104-square-foot, Italian-Renaissance-style home in Dallas, TX called on dealer Free My Music and integrator Silva Installations to replace the manual shades in their master bedroom, sitting room, and office with a modern automated solution.

The Challenge
The master bedroom and attached sitting room originally featured honeycomb shades, which were inconvenient given the large size of the rooms and their number of windows. Furthermore, the sitting room’s circular bay windows took in a lot of sun from the West, which was heating up the space. In the home’s office, Roman shades were blocking much of the window view when rolled up. To meet all of these challenges, the homeowners required a solution with small side gaps that was available with a tight weave fabric, while providing a full window view when up.

The Solution
Silva outfitted the three rooms with QMotion Qadvanced with Zigbee HA1.2 battery-powered roller shades. The master bedroom features a Flocke Sahel room darkening fabric, while the sitting room and office feature Vizela Sahel and Vizela Loutre 1% Blanc fabrics, respectively.

The homeowners have control over the shades using QMotion QdR remotes, their smart devices, and via voice command with Amazon Echo Plus. They can also be operated by hand using QMotion’s manual override feature.

“The QMotion system met all of the homeowners’ requirements — from reducing heat in the home to full window views — and they love their control options,” says Miguel Silva, owner of Silva Installations. “For us, QMotion is a great choice because it not only provides the reliability our clients count on, but it greatly simplifies installation compared to other solutions on the market. Everything is in the tube; there’s just the brackets and the shades themselves to mount. It couldn’t be easier.”


Project Name: Dallas Italian Renaissance Home
Project Location: Dallas, Texas

About the Dealer:
Free My Music

About the Integrator:
Silva Installations

Gear List:

  • 14 x QMotion Qadvanced with Zigbee HA1.2 battery-powered roller shades
  • 3 x QdR remotes
  • Fabrics: Vizela Sahel 80M0031, Vizela Loutre 80M0029, and Flocke Sahel 80M0042

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