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Hunter Douglas Introduces New Rechargeable Battery Wand

The sustainable battery solution for PowerView automated window treatments is easy to add, remove, and recharge.

Hunter Douglas has introduced a unique solution for PowerView automated shades with the Rechargeable Battery Wand. The new Rechargeable Battery Wand brings convenient, long-lasting power to Hunter Douglas automated shading products. Discreetly concealed behind the headrail, yet easy to remove, recharge, and replace, the slim Rechargeable Battery Wand doesn’t mar the beauty of window treatments.

PowerView Automation brings convenient smart home control to most of the company’s wide range of shading products, with options for either hardwired or battery powered operation. The new Rechargeable Battery Wand can be installed with most shade styles and can also be retrofitted to existing Hunter Douglas automated window treatments. It offers a convenient and sustainable solution that reduces waste, conserves resources associated with manufacturing and distributing disposable batteries, and saves money for the homeowner in the long run.

The battery charge lasts up to one year, depending on shade use. When it needs to be recharged, homeowners get a notification via email or from the PowerView App indicating which shades have low batteries. The custom designed Dual Charging Station makes it easy to keep fully charged spare Battery Wands on hand: Simply unsnap the low battery from the magnetic mount behind the shade, snap a fully charged spare into the mount, and place the removed Rechargeable Battery Wand into the Dual Charging Station so it’s ready for the next time. Alternatively, the Rechargeable Battery Wand can be charged in place while still mounted to the shade using the optional single charger. Both options fully charge the battery wand in under three hours.

Designed with safety in mind, the Rechargeable Battery Wand is UL listed and features the widest operating temperature range of any rechargeable solution for window coverings on the market, according to the company. Since temperatures at the window can get extremely hot in direct sunlight, there’s also a safety shutoff feature for the rare chance that the battery reaches an unsafe temperature level.

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