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Leviton Adds Five New Products to Decora Smart Line

No-Neutral Switch and Dimmer with Wi-Fi Bridge, Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Motion Sensing Dimmer, and Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Tamper-Resistant Outlet.

Leviton has expanded its Decora Smart product line, which offers a full portfolio of Wi-Fi lighting controls. The latest devices increase smart lighting control opportunities for Leviton customers, including a new No-Neutral Switch and Dimmer for those living in older homes as well as two new 2nd Gen devices that are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google, and HomeKit/Siri to address and support user voice assistant preferences.

Leviton Decora Line

The new products share the same set of core features that Decora Smart users enjoy, including remote control, the ability to create and manage scheduling and scenes, and their ‘choice of voice.’ The My Leviton app allows homeowners to enjoy a whole-home solution with app-enabled control of their Decora Smart lighting devices and Leviton Load Center activities.

 Decora Smart No-Neutral Switch, Dimmer, and Wi-Fi Bridge

Satisfying the demand for smart lighting in homes lacking a neutral wire in the switch wallbox, Leviton designed its Decora Smart No-Neutral Switch and No-Neutral Dimmer to work with its new compact and discreet Wi-Fi Bridge. Together, these three devices bring the benefits and convenience of smart lighting control to older homes:

  • Users plug in the Decora Smart Wi-Fi Bridge to an available outlet and add it to the My Leviton app on their smartphone or tablet
  • The Wi-Fi Bridge connects the No-Neutral Dimmer or Switch to My Leviton, as well as to other compatible smart home services, enabling customization and features such as wire-free 3-way applications with Leviton’s Decora Smart Anywhere Companions
  • One Decora Smart Wi-Fi Bridge supports up to 25 Decora Smart No-Neutral devices with up to 2,500 square feet of coverage
Decora Smart No Neutral Product Expansion Devices

Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Motion Sensing Dimmer

The new Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Motion Sensing Dimmer combines two leading lighting control functions — sensing and dimming — into one contemporary device. Designed for homes with existing neutral wires in the wallbox, the Motion Sensing Dimmer offers:

  • Ambient Light Sensing — prevents lights from turning on if there is ample natural light in the room
  • Night Preset Setting — automatically turns lights on at a lower level for relaxed evening illumination
  • Built-in Guide Light — softly illuminates a space in the dark, eliminating the need to turn lights on
  • Motion Snooze — temporarily disables motion detection for a selected amount of time; ideal for use when watching movies or sporting events
  • My Leviton Room Occupancy Response —feature used to turn other Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices in a room ON/OFF together based on motion

Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Motion Sensing Dimmer

Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Tamper-Resistant Outlet

Rounding out the expanded line is the Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Tamper-Resistant Outlet, now compatible with HomeKit/Siri, and featuring benefits such as:

  • On/Off control of general-purpose outlet loads up to 15A, including plug-in lamps, holiday lighting, electronics, and small appliances
  • Provides a permanently installed solution for plug load control in new construction or retrofit applications
  • Compatibility with Leviton’s Anywhere Switch Companion, enabling users to control anything plugged into the outlet via the wire-free switch
Decora Smart Wi-fi 2nd Gen Tamper-Resistant Outlet

Leviton’s new Decora Smart products are backed by a 2-year limited warranty. All Decora Smart devices are compatible with Decora and Decora Plus screwless wallplates.

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