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Loxone Releases Products Designed for Retrofit Installations

The Nano Relay Air, compatible with the Touch for Nano, is a retrofit solution for smart homes and MDUs.


Loxone opens up more possibilities for retrofit applications with the release of the Nano Relay Air and Touch switches — designed in 1-gang box size to replace an existing light switch. When used in a renovation project along with a Miniserver, existing spaces can realize a complete ecosystem for improved comfort, security, and energy efficiency.

With one powerful 16A relay, the Nano Relay Air is enclosed in a 1-gang box to automate a range of switching tasks while technology remains in the background — the Minisever is the “brain” behind it all. The Touch for Nano snaps into the Nano Relay Air as a control interface for automated functions. As an alternative, the Nano Relay Air can operate on its own behind a wall to switch on/off outlets, fans pumps and more without a control interface.

As the core to automation, the Miniserver remains as the main “brain” behind all automated tasks in Loxone projects for over ten years. In retrofit applications, wireless Air technology to communicate between all components in a Loxone ecosystem. With many interfaces and high flexibility, there’s possibility for expansion and integration with other systems — extended even more so with Loxone Extensions.

In MDUs, the scalability of the Loxone system and these new retrofit components makes it possible to control common areas, such as fitness centers or meeting rooms, and then later expand the technology into each residential unit. When installed in a single unit, a Gateway/Client system can work individually for that unit without intervening with other units.

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