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Olibra Creates Two Wi-Fi Control Bridges for MagnaTrack Exterior Motorized Screens

MagnaTrack Powered by Bond brings intuitive and reliable control, including integration with leading voice control and home automation platforms.

Olibra — makers of the Bond Bridge RF-to-WiFi control platform — have announced that Progressive Screens has begun marketing two co-developed control solutions for its MagnaTrack series of motorized outdoor screens.

MagnaTrack series of motorized outdoor screens

Olibra’s Bond Bridge Pro consolidates and unifies control of motorized indoor and outdoor shades, screens, awnings, ceiling fans, and gas fireplaces. Driven by Gaposa and Somfy motors, Progressive Screens’ patented MagnaTrack Defender Hurricane, Vinyl, Solar, and Insect screens are utilized in wide variety of residential and commercial applications.

MagnaTrack Bridges Powered by Bond

Born from the Bond Bridge Pro and tailored to the specific needs of the MagnaTrack dealers and their clientele, the companies developed the MagnaTrack Bridge BD-1720 and step-up Bridge BD-1740. Each controls up to 50 MagnaTrack screens in a 3500-square-foot location, and multiples can be used on larger jobs. The BD-1740 adds PoE connectivity and control of ceiling fans and fireplaces. The bridges can be installed on the wall or ceiling, yet do not require any wiring.

Labeled “MagnaTrack Powered by Bond,” beginning April 2023, the bridges now become MagnaTrack’s sole hubs for control. This ranges from smartphone control to full integration with Apple Home Kit, Control4, Crestron, ELAN, Savant, RTI, URC, Homebridge, and Hubitat.

Bond Home App

MagnaTrack Bond Bridge App

The Bond Home App for smartphones and tablets provides intuitive and reliable operation of the MagnaTrack screens through the bridges regardless of the user’s skillset. It also brings new functionality such as individual and group screen control, scheduling, and integration with voice activation platforms, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings.

The App reinforces the strength of the partnership, its technical prowess, and customer support. It depicts the MagnaTrack logo and provides a link to the brand’s website, and direct access to the Bond Home 24/7 customer service — all adding to seamless installation and use experiences.

Sidekick for Shades 5-Channel Keypad

The MagnaTrack line will also offer Olibra’s Bond Home Sidekick for Shades accessory. This wireless, battery-operated 5-channel remote communicates directly via RF to individual or batches of MagnaTrack screens in a 2000-square-foot range. Sidekick’s direct RF communication also benefits the user in being able to operate the screen even if Wi-Fi is interrupted. The keypad mounts to the wall or electrical box (white decora faceplate included). When integrated with either bridge, the keypad’s range expands to 3500 square feet, plus the App can now depict the screen’s status (i.e., open or closed) – an important fail-safe feature.

The MagnaTrack Bridge BD-1720 and Bridge BD-1740 and Sidekick for Shades are available for purchase now. They have been added to the MagnaTrack dealer price sheets and soon the website: Additional customer support is provided by Olibra/Bond Home at

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