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Savant Shades by J-Geiger Now Compatible with Bond Bridge

The Bond Bridge integration with Savant improves range and reliable signal communication.

Savant has announced that the Bond Bridge Pro professional-grade RF (Radio Frequency) to Wi-Fi is now fully compatible with the Savant smart home ecosystem. Bond Bridge Pro offers a wireless solution for professional integrators seeking to deliver fast, reliable control of smart home devices such as motorized shades.

Bond Bridge Pro

“Bond Bridge offers a highly effective wireless technology that enables Savant integrators to deliver seamless communication between the Savant smart home infrastructure and Savant Shades by J-Geiger,” explains JC Murphy, president of Savant. “This integration reflects Savant’s commitment to providing the cutting-edge features and functionality that installers must have to provide their clients with an unparalleled user experience.”

The Bond Bridge Pro RF-to-Wi-Fi solution is designed to enhance the user experience of Savant’s wireless motorized shades, particularly as part of an installation featuring several zones of battery-powered shades or one that requires wireless coverage over large distances within the home. The Bond Bridge integration with Savant improves range and reliable signal communication, creating a superior user experience for homeowners regardless of project size.

The Bond Bridge Pro RF-to-Wi-Fi device hub can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. A single Bond Bridge Pro manages control of 50 shades (ceiling fans, gas fireplaces too) in a 3500-square-foot home. The device offers optional ethernet connectivity and, for larger installations, mulitiples can be used. The Bond Bridge Pro brings intuitive integration through the Savant smart home ecosystem, enabling integrators to schedule and program compatible devices.

“Our recently published survey of 100K active users of the Bond Bridge platform indicated that aesthetics, connectivity, build quality, and more available control options are desired attributes. With Savant Shades by J-Geiger and Bond Bridge Pro, Savant is perfectly in-step with what the market demands,” says Bond CEO Zohar Shinar.

The Bond Bridge Pro is available from the Savant Store.

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