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Shades Case Study: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

QMotion Qadvanced battery-operated shades blend in seamlessly in remodeled Seattle home.

When a 3000-square-foot home in Seattle’s Blue Ridge neighborhood was remodeled, one issue that needed to be addressed was the strong morning glare coming through the eastern-facing dining and living room windows. The homeowners wanted automated shading in these areas, but were looking for a non-obtrusive solution that would blend in as much as possible with the home’s architecture — virtually disappearing when up. To provide it, they called on Shades of Elegance.

To meet their client’s aesthetic needs, Shades of Elegance required a low-profile solution with fascias that didn’t leave large gaps and matched the color of the windows’ frames. In addition, the homeowners wanted quiet operation and simple control over the shades using an app or their voice, without having to incorporate a third-party control system. Shades of Elegance was able to check off all these boxes with QMotion’s Qadvanced with Zigbee HA1.2 battery-operated shades.

Seven Qadvanced shades were installed in the dining and living rooms, each offering a five-percent screen to maintain a slim 3.5-inch profile, with fascias powder-coated to match the window frames’ black finish. The end result is a sleek solution that blends in seamlessly. Offering simple operation, the shades are programmed to lower automatically in the morning and rise out of sight later in the day. The homeowners can override the programmed schedule at any time using Alexa or the Legrand mobile app on their mobile devices.

“QMotion shades offer the best finished look of any product on the market,” says Jackie Pitzler, Shades of Elegance’s owner and designer. “Not only do they have some of the smallest fascia reveals available, but their batteries are hidden away, so there are no external battery packs to try to conceal. Our client is extremely pleased with their appearance, in addition to their virtually silent operation and ease of use. They also liked how simple and fast it was for us to install them; we were in and out of there in just a few hours.”

About the Dealer:

Company: Shades of Elegance
Contact: Jackie Pitzler, owner/designer/proprietor
Tel: 425-761-4848
Email: [email protected]

Product List:

  • 7 x Qadvanced with ZigBee HA1.2 battery-operated shades, fabric is 5 percent charcoal/charcoal “E-screen”
  • 1 x Qube coordinator
  • Legrand mobile app

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