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Lock Down USB Type-C Cables with Neutrik

Neutrik launches the mediaCON product family for secure, stress-free USB connections.

Neutrik AG recently launched the new mediaCON product family, which includes robust, lockable USB Type-C cables and panel sockets, with all components designed for data rates up to 10 GB/s (USB 3.1), 100 W power, and 10,000 mating cycles.

For ease of handling, the space-saving, flush-mount panel socket with push-pull locking mechanism, can be mounted from the front or the rear, and the majority of the molded cable connector is concealed when mated and locked in place. This not only ensures a reliable connection, but also protects against dirt and mechanical stress. mediaCON cables with bend protection are available in lengths of 0.5 and 1 meter. mediaCON cables and panel sockets are also compatible with standard USB-C products.

Fabio Röllin, product manager at Neutrik AG, states, “With increasing digitization, the demand for high-quality and robust data connectors is steadily increasing. More and more manufacturers rely on USB Type-C technology. However, a lockable and reliable interface to connect professional audio components, storage media, cameras, monitors, and computer hardware has been missing. The new mediaCON series now offers the perfect solution for professional AV and broadcast applications, live rental, system integration, and industrial applications.”

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