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Marantz’s IS301 Wireless Dock for iPod

Mahwah, NJ — Marantz America’s Bluetooth-capable IS301 Wireless Dock for iPod (SRP: $250), which ships this month, is designed to offer simple connection and wireless audio playback through a home entertainment system. In addition, because it offers both wireless and extended wired solutions, the system can be used to transmit both audio and video files to an expanded home entertainment system using the iPod interface as well.

Users can also use the system to enjoy basic hand-held remote command and control over their home entertainment system, including power on/off, input select, and volume.

The IS301 system consists of a slim lightweight handset (IS301) that attaches to the user’s iPod, as well as a compact base unit (IS301DS) that’s designed for either tabletop or on-wall placement. An additional RX unit (IS301RX) provides a wired connection (CAT5-1/2 audio control, Cat-5 – 2/2 video) to a user’s home entertainment system, featuring analog audio L/R output, as well as component, S-video, and composite video outputs. The RX unit also features both IR flasher input and RS232C control for expandability, and it may be connected with any device that supports Bluetooth A2DP.