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Media Servers

Digital Content Becomes More Compelling

The popularity of media servers has exploded over the last few years, with sleeker graphical interfaces, bigger storage, and better integration into whole-house automation systems. Here is what manufacturers in the custom installation business are offering.


new A-CMS Commercial Media Server configures and controls multiple media servers anywhere in the world from a single console, and allows users to pre-program and disseminate 24 hours of scheduled content to multiple zones and locations with a single command. The console features access to Sirius/XM via broadband, online music streaming service Pandora, configurable outputs for HDMI, DVI or VGA, playback of DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Windows, and Quicktime content, as well as photo slide shows.


Adagio Digital Media System (ADMS) incorporates a HD multimedia server, online streaming media player, DVD or Blu-ray Disc player, online movie rentals, and a web browser. Metadata is delivered via the built-in WorldSearch technology and displayed onscreen or on a touchpanel. The unit also is a feature-rich multi-zone music server, providing two independent stereo zone outputs in addition to home theater surround sound outputs. Two ADMS models are available. The base ADMS includes a standard DVD drive and 500GB internal RAID storage. The ADMS-BR features a Blu-ray Disc drive and 1TB RAID storage.


Theater Grand Media System (TGM-100) is a modular and scalable media server with storage options ranging from 1TB to 6TB and near-HD 1080p video playback. DVD and CD metadata is downloaded automatically using the Gracenote database. The server also features a dedicated DVI output with a graphical user interface for intuitive third-party controllers. This platform boasts dual-redundant hardware that creates a real-time library backup.


Mini System integrates a complete multi-zone Kaleidescape System into a single component. It is expandable with the addition of Kaleidescape Players and Servers, and features a movie zone, two additional built-in music zones, and stores up to 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs (The base Mini System stores up to 75 DVDs or 825 CDs and can be expanded by adding Disk Cartridges to store up to 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs or any equivalent combination), 1080p output, and is protected by Kaleidescape’s RAID-K technology.

For 2009, the flagship NIVEUS

Media Center Denali Limited Edition has undergone a complete facelift. Internally, it has been refined to incorporate 2TB of storage; a 80GB dedicated solid state drive (for the operating system); a slot load Blu-ray Disc player; Niveus Pro Audio featuring eightchannel analog and digital out; a 120db signalto- noise ratio; and an ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics processor.

The Control 10 represents the first collaboration between SOOLOOS

and its new parent company, Meridian. Featuring the Meridian SpeakerLink and legacy Meridian Comms protocols, the Control 10 integrates with Meridian’s digital loudspeakers, preamp/controllers, and music systems, and includes RS-232 for integration with legacy media and home-control systems.

The Vision Series products by ESCIENT

include two versions of an all-in-one server/ player, Models VS-100 and VS-200, as well as the VC-1 networked audio/video zone player and the large-capacity VX-600 media server. The VS-100 provides dual 500GB drives, while the VS- 200 provides dual 1TB drives, and both also feature RAID 1 redundancy. The VC-1 can stream audio and video from Vision servers, allowing playback of music, movies, and photos from any room of the home, while the large-capacity media server, Model VX-600, features four 1TB drives in a RAID 5 configuration and provides storage expansion capability for Vision VS and VC devices.


Digital Media Library server offers 6TB of storage and distribution of digital media in lossless 5.1 and 7.1 high-resolution digital audio and video with color fidelity at resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080p and beyond. The company’s Peer-to-Peer Network allows nearly limitless combinations of CodexNovus’ DMS-6000 Digital Media Servers, Digital Media Library/Players and the Digital Media Players to be configured into an extensive, robust network. A single DMS-6000 through its 2GB ports delivers up to 120MBps of data through each to simultaneously deliver up to 8 HD 1080p video streams, 12 standard-definition video streams, 20 CD audio streams.


Smart Media Server plays music stored on its hard drive and Internet radio in three independent output streams. As the SMS3 is used, its unique Personal Media Assistant learns the listener’s music preferences for each theme and applies those preferences to its automated song selection. It is available with either a 160 GB or a 250 GB hard drive. An external hard drive can be connected to the rear panel using a USB 2.0/1.1 or FireWire IEEE 1394 interface for periodic backups of the SMS3’s content.


Video Vibe System includes video/server players in either 1TB and 2TB sizes, both in a RAID 1 configuration. The VS1-100S and VS1-200S Vibe Video Server/Players archive approximately 100 and 200 DVDs respectively, provide up to three unique streams of archived content simultaneously, and are expandable by adding a Network Server, which are available in three capacities. The server/player’s integrated disc tray also allows homeowners to play Blu-ray Disc media, and offer a wide range of video and audio connection options including HDMI, component, digital coax.


music management system is available in two variations: a desktop series (Q110; pictured) or a nostalgic jukebox (QJB-110) model. The Q110 tabletop system is available with a 15-inch (model TS15) or 17- inch (model TS17) touchscreen controller and hard drive that can easily mount out of sight into a media equipment rack or center. The Q110 library manages up to 4,200 CDs in high-quality lossless mode and up to 18,000 CDs in compressed mode. The QJB110 jukebox system operates as a stand-alone jukebox music system with built-in 350-watt amp, speakers and subwoofer and as a multi-zone system.


Genny is a purpose-built movie server includes 2TB of storage, a DVD drive, and a built-in player packaged in a single 2U rackmountable chassis. The unit utilizes a licensed CSS decoder, avoiding the controversy that currently plagues movie servers, and can be expanded up to four discrete zones by adding three additional players, and allows integrators to add their own storage to the system. Genny uses the company’s latest 3G interface, which features a filter-and-sort system that allows users to quickly find the movie they are looking for from the cover art screen.


Denzel system boasts 1.5TB of internal storage upgradeable to 4TB. The server, which has an optional full two-way communication add-on for integration with Vista Media Center and advanced control systems, also features an optional combo Blu-ray/HD-DVD 1080p drive for movie playback, 7.1 HD surround sound, and a dual internal OCUR/CableCARD option.


Life-media is optimized for complete digital entertainment and comprehensive home automation. It provides from 500 GB to 4TB of storage for digital music, movies, pictures, and recorded TV, plus instant access to Life-ware’s complete home control via the home network.