Metra Home Debuts New Line of Passive HDMI Cables

DPL Certified, High-End HDMI Cable Transports Data up to 8 Meters
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Metra Home Theater Group introduced the Velox Passive HDMI Cables, providing integrators with a reliable, high-end cable for transmitting 18Gbps data for 8 meters standalone and up to 21 meters with the HDM-GA1. 

The new Velox Passive HDMI Cable from Metra Home Theater is available in various lengths, and provides custom integrators with reliable digital transmission technology for almost any project size. Through a new proprietary design, Metra Home Theater’s product team has incorporated In-Visions Technology Quiksilver Transmission Line into the high-performance Passive HDMI Cable for integrators wanting the best for their clients. 

"Many of our dealers have expressed interest in a high quality passive HDMI cable, which led us to design our new Velox Passive HDMI Cable,” said Jessy Crabb, general manager of Metra Home Theater Group.

Supporting 18Gbps, 4K at 60Hz, 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, and HDR transmission for 8 meters, the Velox Passive HDMI Cable removes the potential future speed cap created by integrated electronics that are in active cables. For integrators looking to transmit data for further than 8 meters, the new Velox Passive HDMI Cable Line can be utilized in conjunction with Metra Home’s Gigabit Accelerator (HDM-GA1) to transmit up to 21 meters at a full 18Gbps.