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Middle Atlantic Launches RSH 1 RU Custom Rackshelf

Middle Atlantic Products introduced a new addition to its RSH Series Custom Rackshelves.

Middle Atlantic Products introduced a new addition to its RSH Series Custom Rackshelves. Designed to facilitate equipment mounting, save valuable rack space, and ultimately simplify the integrator’s workflow, the new rackshelf features a custom-cut faceplate that accommodates the particular component being installed. With this single-rack unit, integrators have a comprehensive rackmount offering with a unique “face-after” design that provides installation flexibility, as well as offers multiple-device mounting and clamping solutions to support nearly any application need.

“The RSH Series Custom Rackshelves set the benchmark for custom component rackmounting, aesthetics, and thermal management when they were introduced years ago,” said Tim Troast, VP, product management at Middle Atlantic Products. “The new 1 RU solution supports today’s media streaming devices and other small components. No matter what component integrators are installing, we have the rackmount solution to fully support it.”

Accommodating smaller devices that previously required a two-space shelf, the new single-space RSH Custom Rackshelf saves rack space, conforming to ever-changing AV needs. Its tool-less, knock-down assembly simplifies installations, while its mounting capabilities ensure a clean and professional look. Because its faceplate attaches to the shelf after installation, integrators can mount the shelf with or without a component. This unique face-after design addresses the need for quick and easy last-minute equipment installation and upgrades, and for performing ongoing system maintenance. 

Leveraging Middle Atlantic’s patented UMS mounting pattern, and offering a choice of 8- or 11.5-inch depths, integrators can attach additional small devices to the shelf, supporting mounting flexibility beyond larger AV system components. The new offering is tested to the highest standards in safety and reliability with a UL/ETL weight rating protecting installed equipment up to 35 pounds. 

Middle Atlantic’s RSH selection provides complete flexibility to mount nearly any custom device according to weight, size, and finish, as well as accommodates multiple devices with simple mounting and clamping options. To ensure ease of ordering, Middle Atlantic created a comprehensive, 11,000-plus measured unit database. If a particular component isn’t listed, the company will measure and add it to this growing custom rackmount database.