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miniDSP Introduces EARS Calibrated Headphone Test Rig

New Earphone Audio Response System headphone measurement rig Is for use across multiple consumer and pro AV markets

miniDSP has announced the launch of the Earphone Audio Response System (EARS). EARS is now available at minidsp webshop with an MSRP of $199 USD.

Each pair of EARS has two microphone capsules mounted in a minimal “dummy head.” Measurement output is via the driverless USB connection and EARS are powered from the USB so there is no need for an external power supply. “To measure headphones, just mount the headphones on the rig and run a measurement sweep using the headphone amp and a favorite measurement program (e.g., Room EQ Wizard),” says Tony Rouget, miniDSP CEO. “The supplied calibration file corrects for the response of the microphone capsule and the ear.”

miniDSP’s website provides numerous applications, advice, step-by-step instructions, and methods for utilizing EARS, including headphone EQ for iPhone/Android/DAP, measuring wireless headphones with EARS, and headphone EQ with EARS and REW, depending on each user’s needs and requirements.

“miniDSP EARS brings headphone measurement capability to the masses,” says Rouget. “It’s an extremely affordable measurement rig for headphones and IEMs that we’ve designed and built using the same technology as our popular UMIK-1 calibrated measurement microphone. Alternatively one could use EARS as a binaural microphone with USB audio streaming. It’s so diverse, in fact, some headphone manufacturers have also found the jig useful for headphone quality control in assembly lines.”

The EARS page on the miniDSP website now has a compensation type named “HEQ” for “Headphone EQ.” Once you enter your serial number, select HEQ to download the calibration files. These calibration files help simplify the process of EQing headphones.

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