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MirageVision Outdoor TV 90-inch Hi-Bright Display

Global Outdoor Concepts, Inc. (GOC) of Las Vegas, NV has discovered a way to customize Sharp's latest 90-inch commercial display.

Global Outdoor Concepts, Inc. (GOC) of Las Vegas, NV (exhibiting at CEDIA Expo as MirageVision Outdoor TV in booth #3215) has discovered a way to customize Sharp’s latest 90-inch commercial display. The company’s MirageVision proprietary weatherization process and picture enhancement technology is just one part of what makes this possible.

This new MirageVision Outdoor TV design incorporates the latest technology, using GOC’s MirageVision Picture Calibration (MPET) to create an affordable, jumbo Hi-Bright 90-inch (2000 Nits), high-tech outdoor TV/display.

This new 90-inch outdoor model will be available in two different nits of brightness and price points. The Model MV-SHHB 700 (700 nit) at an MSRP of $15,995, is available now, and the Model MV-SHHB 2000 (2,000 nit) at an MSRP of $19,995, will be available September 15th.

Both are available in LCD 1080p resolution, landscape or portrait viewing, anti-glare screen, full-array LED Backlight, 24/7 Operation, RS-232 (controls function remotely with third-party devices), built-in speakers, ambient local dim lighting, USB, HDMI, and VESA standard mounting.