MirageVision Outdoor TV 90-inch Hi-Bright Display

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Global Outdoor Concepts, Inc. (GOC) of Las Vegas, NV (exhibiting at CEDIA Expo as MirageVision Outdoor TV in booth #3215) has discovered a way to customize Sharp's latest 90-inch commercial display. The company's MirageVision proprietary weatherization process and picture enhancement technology is just one part of what makes this possible.

Global Outdoor Concepts.N01-MirageTV

This new MirageVision Outdoor TV design incorporates the latest technology, using GOC's MirageVision Picture Calibration (MPET) to create an affordable, jumbo Hi-Bright 90-inch (2000 Nits), high-tech outdoor TV/display.

This new 90-inch outdoor model will be available in two different nits of brightness and price points. The Model MV-SHHB 700 (700 nit) at an MSRP of $15,995, is available now, and the Model MV-SHHB 2000 (2,000 nit) at an MSRP of $19,995, will be available September 15th.

Both are available in LCD 1080p resolution, landscape or portrait viewing, anti-glare screen, full-array LED Backlight, 24/7 Operation, RS-232 (controls function remotely with third-party devices), built-in speakers, ambient local dim lighting, USB, HDMI, and VESA standard mounting.