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Monitor Audio Launches All-Weather Custom Series

Monitor Audio has launched the new "All-Weather Custom" Series of in-wall/ceiling speakers, bringing the brand's quality into garden, pool and marine areas.

Monitor Audio has launched the new “All-Weather Custom” (AWC) Series of in-wall/ceiling speakers, bringing the brand’s quality into garden, pool and marine areas.

The line includes four models with flush-fitting designs, including a heightened level of water, dust, corrosion, UV, and temperature protection, providing custom installations with long-term reliability in challenging conditions.

Developed using all-C-CAM driver systems derived from Monitor Audio’s hi-fi speakers, the new AWC series comprises two-way 6.5- and 8-inch models (AWC265 and AWC280) with single-speaker stereo (T2) variants, the AWC265-T2 and AWC280-T2. Anodized black for discreet in-wall/ceiling integration, the C-CAM bass drivers combine coaxially with Monitor Audio’s 1-inch C-CAM tweeters, which are twinned and angled on the T2 versions to deliver high-performance stereo sound from a single unit where space is limited.

Protecting the drive systems are low-profile trimless grilles engineered from high-grade stainless steel and fixed using special non-corroding rare-earth magnets for easy utility. The rear of each model is polymer encased to prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture. Where it meets the wall or ceiling, a layer of specially formulated EPDM barrier material provides a long-lasting waterproof seal. Also at the back, silicon guard-protected push terminals are joined by high-frequency level-adjustment controls, designed to optimize response in a range of environments from wide open spaces to tiled pool areas.

Easy and secure installation is offered through Monitor Audio’s Tri-Grip fixing system, which is easier to install than conventional dog-ear fixings and provides three times the clamping surface area for a better surface seal, maximizing bass response and mid-range clarity, according to the company.