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Monitor Introduces MASS Home Cinema System

Monitor Audio has introduced its diminutive MASS home cinema system, offering a space-efficient design, packed with technology and easy-installation features.

Monitor Audio has introduced its diminutive MASS home cinema system, offering a space-efficient design, packed with technology and easy-installation features. 

There are three main system models: a Compact satellite speaker, Center channel, and Active subwoofer.

The compact MASS 10 satellite speaker and its centre-channel counterpart have a stylish construction of rigid polymer, enveloped in a black cloth finish and crowned at either end with contrasting solid aluminum end caps. The design is ribbed internally and enhanced by variable wall thickness to produce the most inert enclosure for the twin C-CAM drivers: a newly developed 1-inch tweeter and 4-inch bass/midrange.

The 1-inch high frequency transducer is adapted from a new generation of ultra-compact low-profile designs, conceived to maximize performance in reduced cabinet volumes. It vents through a custom-formed housing and around the outside of a high power Neo magnet system to a rear-loading chamber, reducing resonance to a point way below the crossover frequency.

Adopting innovation first applied to the company’s flagship Platinum speaker range, the 4-inch bass/mid driver is mounted on a tie-bolt fixed to the back of the cabinet. This configuration has the effect of cross-bracing the structure for added rigidity while avoiding front fixings, which can transfer unwanted resonances to the system. Monitor Audio’s Platinum blueprint is also represented by the HiVe reflex port, rifled to optimize airflow and reduce turbulence.

The W200 active subwoofer is primed with the precision-crafted ordinance of twin 10-inch bass drivers and a potent 220W Class D amplifier.

The on-board amplifier is controlled by an advanced DSP, custom-tuned in the software to optimize the response characteristics of the drivers for deep, sustained bass delivery. It powers a side-firing 10-inch long throw C-CAM bass driver equipped with a large, dual-stack magnet system, which produces high electro-mechanical damping to ensure there is no overhang, keeping the bass lines perfectly in time.

Complementing the active driver is a 10-inch Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR), the two working in tandem within the W200 to generate the output and scale normally associated with ported designs, but with the fast accurate transient response of a sealed box. By doubling the effective radiating area of the system, the drivers maximize the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) from the W200 for room-filling, foundational low frequencies, which match the performance of the MASS 10 satellites in speed and quality. In addition, the W200s integrated DSP offers tailored bass curves for fine-tuning according to taste.

‘Music’, ‘movie’ and ‘impact’ pre-sets may be selected by way of a switch on the back of the W200’s heavy-duty MDF cabinet, which is cloaked in stealthy black cloth grilles on four sides to complement the aesthetics of the MASS 10.