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Musaic Named 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree

Wireless HiFi start-up Musaic has been named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the "Home Audio/Video Components and Accessories" category.

Wireless HiFi start-up Musaic has been named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the “Home Audio/Video Components and Accessories” category. Musaic’s multi-room wireless HiFi system is the first to offer high quality audio playback as well as smart home functionality. The prestigious awards honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products coming to market.

 Musaic MP5 and MP10 Music Players

Musaic is set to launch its new wireless HiFi system at the 2015 International CES in January. CEO and founder Matthew Bramble said, “It is a huge honor for Musaic to be recognized as a truly innovative entry to the home audio market. We wanted to make a system that would deliver what consumers have been longing for, a wireless HiFi system without compromise. Musaic offers audiophile sound quality, with wide compatibility including WiFi and Bluetooth, hi-res files, internet radio, and the latest streaming services. Additionally, it allows our customers to create a smart home with audio at its heart. Musaic can constantly evolve and open up new opportunities in the home.”

Musaic is a new multi-room wireless HiFi system made up of speakers that are placed around the home, allowing consumers to listen to different music in different rooms, or the same music in every room, in perfect unison. Musaic is compatible with almost any device, with free apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets, Macs, and PCs. It works with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and can play almost any file type including 24-bit Studio Master files.

Built-in internet radio provides access to more than 15,000 stations, and pre-sets can be recalled from the app and touch buttons on the speakers. Musaic utilizes some of the most cutting edge technology available including Qualcomm AllPlay, a smart media platform that allows Musaic to work natively with compatible streaming service apps. This means consumers can use the familiar interface of their favorite app and stream content directly to the Musaic wireless HiFi system at the touch of a button.

The first smart HiFi, Musaic also offers home automation features. Uniquely, Musaic can integrate with lighting and home automation, allowing users to create a fully connected smart home. The Musaic Music Players enable connection with a wide range of hub-based and hub-less home automation products. Users can set up rule-based “if this then that” home automation, for example, a plant-pot sensor can tell Musaic that the soil is dry, so the Musaic system will play the message “your plant is thirsty” at breakfast time. A sensor on your mother’s front door can tell Musaic the door hasn’t been opened in two days and Musaic will play a message saying “phone your mom.”

Musaic is also a founding member of the AllSeen Alliance, a nonprofit open source consortium dedicated to driving the widespread adoption of products, systems and services that support the Internet of Things with an open, universal development framework. This will allow Musaic products to communicate with other products around the home, from a wide range of partner manufacturers.