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New LED Light Strips from Savant

Professional-grade LED light strips are compatible with Savant’s TrueImage user interface.

Savant has introduced an array of new professional architectural light strips, giving integrators solutions that are compatible with Savant’s TrueImage technology, which provides on/off/dim control of lighting by touching an image of a fixture in any room.

Savant’s lineup of LED light strips includes a number of indirect lighting options that integrators can use for cove lighting, behind flat panel TVs, inside cabinets, and more. A tunable white LED strip allows for color temperature adjustments, changing automatically in concert with Circadian Rhythm throughout the day or manually by the homeowner as needed. Also offered is a WRGB light strip that provides all the features found on the tunable white model plus the option to select from millions of color choices as well.

The Savant Pro app provides for exact WRGB color value settings. Both the Tunable White and WRGB strips are available in outdoor versions as well, and kits with drivers and power supplies are available in 16-foot and 32-foot strip lengths. In addition, an RGB Neon version is available, allowing for direct viewing accents similar to neon signs where each individual LED is not visible, making the strip appear as a line of solid color.

All Savant LED light strips are field cuttable and kits are available with professional-grade mounting options, plus various couplers and jumpers to allow integrators to custom fit the strips anywhere that the lighting designer or client desires.

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