New VMP Wall Rack Enclosure Now Shipping

Works With All Standard 19-Inch Rack Equipment and Accessories
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Video Mount Products, has begun shipping the ERWEN-9E 19-inch wall rack enclosure. The 9U ERWEN-9E has an MSRP of $359.00.

“…We developed the ERWEN-9E to be as effective and rugged, but in a smaller package,” said Keith Fulmer, president of VMP. “Where space is at a premium, getting equipment off the floor and on the wall is a must when floor standing equipment racks just won’t do. VMP designed the ERWEN Serieswall-mounted racks for both form and functionality, especially with the security and AV installer in mind. With adjustable front and rear rails, removable hinged wall plate and a reversible glass front door, the is the answer to the most demanding rack mount requirements.”