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Niles Audio’s IntelliControl ICS

Niles Audio Corp.’s IntelliControl ICS (Integrated Controls Solution) is a new whole-house distributed audio system that accommodates popular sources including iPod and satellite radio, delivers meta-data to its keypad, touchscreen and hand-held remote controllers as well as installs with simple programming via its configuration wizard. The system consists of the GXR2 six-source, six-zone modular receiver, with an additional four user interfaces that include wall-mountable keypads, a color touch screen, and a hand-held RF remote controller dubbed the iREMOTE. Multiple GXR2 receivers can be linked together to create a distributed audio system that covers up to 30 zones. Niles will ship ICS products exclusively to its dealers in the first quarter of 2006 with an MSRP of$2,799.95 for the GXR2.