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Onecue Hopes to Unify All Devices

Onecue hopes to serve as the control center for many of the devices users have in their home.

Onecue hopes to serve as the control center for many of the devices users have in their home. With onecue, users can control multiple media and smart home devices in a room from a single interface via simple hand gestures.

Onecue hopes to serve as the control center for many of the devices users have in their home.

“Every device in our homes, from the TV to the cable box to the thermostat, has its own control system and remotes, cables or apps for operation, resulting in lots of clutter and fragmentation,” said Gideon Shmuel, CEO of eyeSight. “To solve this problem, we developed onecue, a control center to bring together all of these devices through a natural, easy-to-use interface that leverages our years of experience in gesture recognition technology to let you experience your home through your fingertips.”

As a standalone unit, onecue can be mounted on top of a TV or placed on a shelf to wirelessly connect and control nearly any device, including televisions; satellite and cable set-top boxes; DVD, Blu-ray and other digital media players; stereo receivers; Xbox and select smart home devices. Currently, onecue is compatible with Apple TV, Nest Learning Thermostat, Philips Hue, and others.

As the world’s first gesture-enabled smart home control, onecue offers:

Unification of devices: By wirelessly consolidating control of home entertainment and smart home devices, onecue enables even standard devices, such as televisions and cable boxes, to become simpler and easier to use. By unifying control of devices to a single interface, users can perform many basic functions through gestures, eliminating much of the need for multiple remotes, apps and excess cables.

Gesture recognition and control: Using hand tracking and gesture recognition technology, onecue translates motions into wireless commands. For example, users can select with an “air click,” closing and reopening the palm, and mute the system by placing a finger to their lips, in a “shush” motion. These simple gesture controls work in tandem with a modern, intuitive interface and LCD display to provide a clear indication of the connected devices and available controls.

Quick mobile setup: Via iOS and Android apps, device setup is made quick and easy while still allowing for a high level of device customization. For instance, you can program onecue to turn on the television, cable box, and stereo simultaneously. With a single wave, you can turn on three separate devices, something that would otherwise take multiple remotes or multiple clicks.

With the help of a repeater, onecue can also control devices hidden in cabinets and located in adjacent rooms, eliminating excess cords and clutter.
“onecue is enabling the Internet of Things right in your home by connecting your devices and making them smarter and easier to use,” said Shmuel.

The product is developed by eyeSight, a leader in machine vision and gesture recognition solutions, providing touch-free interfaces to OEMs such as Lenovo, Philips and Toshiba. Onecue is now available for pre-order. It is expected to ship in early 2015.